Quality Water Pressure Washing in Sydney

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What is High Pressure Water Washing?

You’ve probably heard about pressure washing from a friend or maybe your neighbour used water pressure to clean his house? The truth is that water pressure cleaning is increasingly popular in Sydney. And why not? After all, pressure washing leaves the surfaces cleaner than ever.
The name says it all but in case there are some questions left: yes, this technique uses a machine to shoot water towards surfaces in need of cleaning. However, it is not that simple, especially if you want your house to look better than the neighbor who performed pressure cleaning by himself. Here is how our Sydney team gets the job done:

Step 1: The Call

We will arrange a meeting with you depending on your schedule. We won’t charge you more for weekends or bank holidays.

Step 2: The Evaluation

In order to successfully do the job we have to select the right pressure depending on the surface you want to get treated. Graffiti and paint may require one setting of the machine but concrete comes with different requirements.

Step 3: The Satisfaction

We will leave your property cleaner than ever. Water pressure is among the most environmentally-friendly ways to wash and keep areas free from germs and bacteria.

Our Water Pressure Cleaning Services Explained

Where soap and detergents can’t get the job done water pressure cleaning comes into the scene. We use various programs with different pressure according to the surface that is being treated. Our technicians are extremely careful and we assure you that no water jet will touch vulnerable areas like windows. Water pressure cleaning is able to expel efflorescence from brick, concrete, stone and other types of building materials. No property in Sydney will look cleaner than yours except the ones who also choose Nifty’s services.


Why Choose Water Pressure Services from Nifty?

Water pressure cleaning is both easy and difficult to do it by yourself. You may buy a machine only to realize that it is unable to treat the surface you bought it for. On the contrary, you would be amazed by how many people in the Sydney area have applied higher pressure on delicate surfaces causing damages and unwanted problems. With Nifty you will avoid all of this and save money on machinery. See what benefits you will get with us:

  • Removal of everything from grime and debris to dust and dirt
  • Flexible schedule and additional services to choose from
  • All the right tools and knowledge to avoid complications

In addition to this, when choosing Nifty you’re booking one of the best teams in Sydney and setting yourself to obtain the best results. We can successfully transform your patio or fence, outdoor furniture, vehicles, boats and many more. We will eliminate efflorescence from your property as well. All the bacteria that take refuge into the porous surfaces will be expelled by us. All that is left to you is the enjoyment of the transformation.


How did Nifty become so popular in Sydney?

In addition to our competitive rates we always strive to better ourselves. Probably the pinnacle of our services is water pressure cleaning which earned us many repetitive clients.

Do you cover the whole Sydney area?

Yes we cover all of Sydney and we also work on weekends and bank holidays as well.

How do you charge for this service?

Unlike other companies in Sydney we don’t charge per hour. You only pay for what you get and it is always going to be a flawless result.

What tools do you use?

The machines we use for water pressure make us one of the most preferred companies in Sydney. We keep different tools with various power in our arsenal because each surface has its own requirements.


Stella Menhennitt

“The results are mesmerizing. My walls are better than ever. Big thanks to the whole team because they did all this work in such a short time period. I definitely recommend this company to anyone who is interested in seeing his home in top condition”

Sean Burbury

“Honestly this review is the least I can do for this company. They did far better job than other teams I have called for the same service. I kind of feel bad for receiving so much value for such a small price. ”

Proper Water Pressure Cleaning in Sydney
is One Step Away

Ask for pour non-binding quotes and make an arrangement when the time is convenient for you. Nifty’s team will take care of the rest.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Our tile and grout cleaners can offer a significant improvement in your home interior simply by taking proper care of your tiled surfaces.

Tile Sealing

Once we’ve cleaned your tiles and grout, the best way to maximize the life of your tiled surface is with our tile sealing solution.

Concrete Sealing & Resurfacing

Let our professionals help you enjoy healthy and well-protected concrete surfaces and flooring with our specialised services.

Let Nifty take care of your tiles today!

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