Vinyl Cleaning & Vinyl Sealing in Sydney

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What is Vinyl Cleaning & Vinyl Sealing in a Nutshell

When it comes to flooring, there is hardly a more versatile and moist-resistant option than vinyl. Many homeowners choose vinyl floors because of their noise-reducing properties. Let’s not forget that while packing all these advantages, vinyl is still one of the least expensive flooring options. However, no matter the perks you probably choose your vinyl flooring because it has a nice appeal fitting your overall home design. But after some time you may realise that the colours start fading away. Even worse, seams trap dirt ruining not only the floor design but also the home environment. But not in Sydney, where Nifty’s teams will provide you with the best vinyl cleaning and vinyl sealing services so you can enjoy the pristine condition of your vinyl floor. Although we treat each case according to the specific situation, there are usually 3 steps we always take.

Step 1: The Examination

Careful inspection of your vinyl floor. We have a wide range of detergents and tools from which we choose according to your situation.

Step 2: Sealing

Vinyl sealing done like never before. We don’t rush our job, nor bring mediocre results needing further treatments. We bring confusion to our clients because they can’t believe how much better their old flooring is.

Step 3: Professional Cleaning

Deep cleaning and dirt removal no matter how severe the case is. We only use tested detergents that don’t damage the colours of the vinyl floor.

Our Vinyl Cleaning & Vinyl Sealing Services Explained

No matter if the vinyl flooring is in your home or office it still needs proper cleaning. Many companies fail to deliver this service because they don’t use proper detergents and bring even more complications. Our Sydney team is dedicated to putting an end to this. Our full portfolio of services will not only keep your vinyl clean but treat other issues as well. We apply the best sealing methods to your vinyl sheets. Leaving no gaps for dirt, we also take care of the polished tiles so that they look as good as new.

vinyl sealing

Why Choose Nifty For Vinyl Cleaning & Vinyl Sealing

Nifty provides a full portfolio of all services and treatments needed to keep your vinyl floors in top condition. During the years, we have bettered ourselves in order to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. We use the best tools and detergents completely risk-free for you and your family’s safety. We cover all industry standards and apply the latest innovations. The latter brought better results to our clients who were fed up with the constant need to re-book a service not long after the treatment was done. With us you will get:

  • Perfect results from one treatment rather than multiple expensive visits
  • Proper cleaning, extending the life of your vinyl flooring and its polished finish
  • Retain vinyl’s slip prevention qualities and perfect appearance
  • We use the best cleaning products available on the market

Our customers in Sydney don’t get their vinyl floor issues resolved. Because while getting their problem fixed we treat the vinyl to restore the flawless condition of your floor from the beginning. We know how much time people spend in the office or at home and our mission is to make the corresponding environment as good as possible.


Do you cover the whole Sydney area?

Yes our Sydney teams cover all neighborhoods of the city and are eager to help Sydney area residents to obtain pristine condition on their vinyl floors.

Can I book a same day service?

Yes, of course. Sydney residents have a busy lifestyle so we try to match their schedule. Nifty’s team in Sydney will even be happy to help you rearrange the furniture needed to expose your floor to our treatment methods.

What makes you different from other companies in Sydney?

Nifty Tile Cleaning Services wouldn’t be successful if it wasn’t for our employees. We can confidently say that we hire the best technicians in Sydney. Furthermore, we use industry innovations that other companies in Sydney are yet to obtain.

How do you guarantee 100% customer satisfaction?

Ask someone with a vinyl floor problem how he managed to fix it. If he is in Sydney you will probably hear our name mentioned. But only if the home-owner remembered it in the first place. Because we turn vinyl floor issues into a distant memory for our clients.


Lara Rodd

“I have tried many companies but they only treated my floors lightly. This resulted in booking more services than needed in order to keep my vinyl in proper condition. Luckily a friend suggested that I try with Nifty. After this I never bothered to call another company.”

Nathan Marx

“I was about to sell my house. Although in perfect condition, the floor was neglected by the previous tenants. My first potential clients were hesitating to buy and wanted a huge discount on the price because of the floor condition. Luckily, I had another potential buyer in a few days. During this period I called Nifty and the work they did was impressive. I managed to sell my property for way more than the sum offered by the first buyer. ”

Proper Vinyl Cleaning & Vinyl Sealing is One Step Away

Get a non-binding quote and don’t divert time in your schedule. Book our Sydney team and obtain the vinyl look you receive.

Concrete Sealing & Resurfacing

Get peace of mind that your concrete surfaces or floors are protected and more durable with our professional services.

Tile Sealing

Once we’ve cleaned your tiles and grout, the best way to maximize the life of your tiled surface is with our tile sealing solution.

Water Pressure Cleaning

Our water pressure cleaning techniques can fully remove any accumulated dirt, dust, and pollution from your home’s exterior.

Let Nifty take care of your tiles today!

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