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What is tile sealing?

Have you noticed how quickly your tiles absorb water or how stains negatively impact them in the long-term? Regardless of how often you clean them they just seem to be getting worse. Well, that’s because both natural and man-made tiles must be sealed to lower the impact of liquids and dirt. It is natural for grout to collect mould, mildew, and bacteria. Tile grout sealing uses a liquid sealer or other resin product to seal tiles to protect them from dust, fluids, or products containing oil. Choosing the right sealer is a challenge for the inexperienced person as there are so many options to choose from. This is why it is advisable to seek the help of professionals in tile sealing Sydney.

Step 1: Clean and dry tiles

We use professional cleaning agents to get any dirt off the tiles and grout before starting the process to get a clean foundation.

Step 2: Area separation

If there are any spots that you don’t want sealer on we will carefully separate them from the rest by masking them off for perfection.

Step 3: Sealer application

We carefully choose the right sealer and apply to the desired area. We do this using professional equipment to avoid imperfect marks.

Our tile sealing services explained

Our grout and tile cleaning services offer a full pack of value-adding options. We will test the surface to check how porous the tiles are with a proven method. We will prepare the surface for sealing so that it is not only protected for a long period of time but also appears stylish and adds glamour to your home interior. Regardless of your preferred style, we can make it work! We work with both impregnating sealers and topical sealers to create the perfect look that suits your taste. We can offer the latest sealing technology, which guarantees the sealing benefits to last longer, saving you time and money on additional maintenance along the way.


Why choose sealing tiles and grout with Nifty?

Tile and grout sealing ensures that all stains remain at the surface of the tile without penetrating the bottom layers. It also serves as a defense against harm from chemicals, contamination, and corrosion. Prevent your tiles from looking grimy and stained, save time from scrubbing, and avoid investing in new tiles just to have them look new again. When we seal tile grout, the coating brings out a natural appeal to your interior, making your tile installation look clean and perfect.

  • Sealing a tile floor keeps it looking new in the long-term
  • Offers protection from dust, oil, and dangerous chemicals
  • Saves you money as you won’t need to retile completely

Our team is experienced in tile cleaning and sealing in Sydney and offers a wide range of services such as vinyl sealing, concrete sealing, and more! We will be happy to help you and consult you on the best service to use depending on your tiles and your requirements. Our services are available in different areas such as Melbourne, Ballarat, Geelong, and more!


Should I seal my tiles?

It is advisable to seal your tiles if you want to keep their perfect appearance for longer and save them from any damage that may come their way. The professionals at Nifty will provide full details on whether tile sealing is a good choice for you.

What sealing products do you use?

There is a wide variety of professional sealers that we invest in to guarantee that the sealing is durable and reliable. We also employ the latest sealing methods that help us maintain our high reputation as a tile and grout sealing company.

How long does tile sealing take?

We are famous for our same day service and tile sealing is no exception. You will have a brand new tile vision by the end of the day on which you call us.

How long does tile sealing take?

We are famous for our same day service and tile sealing is no exception. You will have a brand new tile vision by the end of the day on which you call us.


Brock Hollinworth

“Excellent service! The Nifty team was on time, did a fantastic job sealing my tiles & grout, and offered advice that I could certainly use! The best part is that the service is very affordable!”

Madeleine Outhwaite

“It is so much easier for me to keep my tiles clean and new-looking after sealing them with Nifty! It’s like they have a glass coating that keeps all the dirt on the surface and doesn’t allow it to go deeper into the tile and grout. Thank you for the awesome work!”

Shiny floors are just a step away

Are you tired of cleaning your floor with no visible effect? Allow our trained specialists to work their magic and bring back the shine in your bathroom, kitchen, or living room tiles!

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Let us polish your tiles, recover their lost shine and keep them 100% germ-free with our deep cleaning tile and grout service.

Vinyl Cleaning & Sealing

Exploit the benefits of the most durable flooring material – vinyl. Our professional vinyl cleaning and sealing services are available 24/7.

Concrete Sealing & Resurfacing

Our experts can make your concrete surfaces and flooring more resistant and durable via our professional and affordable service.

Let Nifty take care of your tiles today!

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