Tile & Grout Cleaning in Hobart

Nifty Tile Cleaning restores your tiles and polishes them to a shine.
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Enjoy tile excellence with Nifty Tile Cleaning in Hobart

Your tiled surfaces can become sparkling, shiny, and excellent again! All you have to do is reach out to us and we’ll be there to help!

Tile and Grout Cleaning in Hobart

Do you want to get your old tiles and grout perfectly clean and make them look like you’ve just purchased them a few weeks ago? Well, our tile and grout cleaners in Hobart can make your dream come true! On top of that, we’ll do it at an affordable cost and at a suitable for your time!

We have been providing professional tile cleaning in Hobart for years and have satisfied a large number of clients in your area. Our local experts will quickly come to your house, bring along advanced cleaning formulas and equipment, and will completely transform the look of your tiled surfaces.

You don’t have to move a finger! All you have to do is call us and share with us what your tile cleaning needs are. We can reach any spot and remove any dirt that has been building up in your grout or tiles. With us, you can get the best tile cleaning services in Hobart!

What additional cleaning services do you offer?

Nifty Tile Cleaning also provides services like pool cleaning, outdoor tile and grout cleaning, marble tile grout cleaning, vinyl cleaning, and more!

When can I book a tile cleaning service with Nifty?

You can reach us anytime! We’re available for bookings both online and via a telephone call and provide same day services for your ease and comfort.


Tile Regrouting in Hobart

There’s nothing worse than grout that looks old and rusty! Your home could seriously look deteriorated and unappealing if you allow your grout to start chipping off, stain, or collect mould and other unhealthy bacteria.

Grout cleaning may be an option in some cases where the overall condition of your tiled surface allows it. However, in other scenarios, it is inevitable to remove the old grout and replace it with new, clean grout. Nifty’s tile regrouting services in Hobart will completely handle this for you!

If your floor’s grout is completely discoloured or eroded, let us carefully remove the old grout and keep your tiles safe. Our experts will ensure that they are not chipped during the process and preserve their beauty. We offer exceptional regrouting shower tiles in Hobart and can turn your bathroom into one that can easily make it on a magazine cover!

Is there any preparation before the service?

At Nifty we believe that our customers should only sit back and enjoy the service. We will handle everything so you don’t need to make any preparations.

What type of tiles can be regrouted?

Our qualified experts will be able to provide additional information after the inspection of the tiled area. We can work with any type of tile, both man-made and natural.

Tile Sealing Hobart

Tiles are unique and very different from one another. But one thing is sure – they should all be professionally sealed if you want to enjoy their beauty for longer and be able to clean them easily and quickly.

Nifty’s tile cleaning and sealing in Hobart will help you keep porous natural and man-made tiles safe and bacteria-free. The service guarantees prevention and reduction of staining as a result of liquid or oil spills on the surface. Your tiles and keep their modern look and bring brilliance to your home after tile grout sealing in Hobart.

Some of the services you can benefit from when it comes to tile sealing are vinyl sealing, sealing bathroom tiles in Hobart, sealing shower tiles, outdoor tiles, and more.

How is the sealing performed?

We use a professional and result-proven sealer that is either liquid or carrier and contains resin. We select the best sealer for your specific tile type and requirements.

What types of tiles can be sealed?

Our experts offer sealing tile and grout in Hobart for both natural and man-processed tiles.


Other tile cleaning services that you can benefit from in Hobart

Nifty Tile Cleaning specialises in a range of tile-related services that can completely restore your home’s appearance.

Concrete Sealing & Resurfacing

Ensure your concrete surfaces and flooring remain in excellent conditions and shape and is resistant against stains and cracks. Book us online!

Epoxy Grouting & Regrouting

A durable and lasting grouting solution, our professional epoxy grouting & regrouting service in Hobart is among the most trusted and affordable ones.

Grout Colouring & Recolouring

Transform your home completely with a quick and affordable grout colouring or recolouring. Our experts are there for you 24/7 and always come prepared!

Water Pressure Cleaning

Rid your home exterior walls of any collected dirt, dust, and grime with our superior water pressure cleaning service in Hobart. Book us anytime at the click of a button!

Vinyl Cleaning & Sealing

Vinyl is one of the most recognised and durable flooring options. Nifty’s professionals offer specialised vinyl cleaning & sealing in Hobart.

Nifty Tile Cleaning has a proven solution of all of your tile problems

We’re so much more than a natural stone and man-made tile cleaning company. Apart from cleaning your tiles and grout we can fully recover your tiled surfaces and make them look glamorous again!

Deeper clean

Our cleaning methodology ensures a thorough and complete cleaning of your tiles and grout, removing the tiniest dirt particles.

Low costs

Receive exceptional services at the lowest costs on the market for your comfort and ease.

Innovative technologies

We constantly invest in acquiring the newest technologies and the best equipment to provide the best solutions for our clients.

Every service at Nifty Tile Cleaning is tailored to your needs

We appreciate that it may be difficult to pinpoint where to start when you feel like you’re out of options for cleaning your floor or tiled areas at home. Whatever you do it just seems like your tiles remain worn-out, discoloured, and old. Instead of punishing yourself with sore knees from cleaning and a painful back, let the experts handle the tile treatment for you. Our services are specifically designed to cater to your every need. We can save you money, time, and provide quality results! Call us today and book a service!


Jonathan Barbour

“We struggled with getting air into our bathroom and we quickly got a mold problem. Nifty Tile Cleaning helped us solve the issue, took care of the mold and other dirt, regrouted our shower tiles and now everything looks good again. Would definitely use their service again!”

Ethan Dynon

“They were very kind from the start when I called for their tile sealing service. You can tell that they enjoy their work as they’re extremely patient and detailed in what they do. Good job guys, happy to work with professionals like you!”


When is it time to use your tile sealing service?

Tile sealing is a perfect solution after getting our tile and grout cleaning service to keep your tiles clean and strong for longer.

When should I get tile regouting?

If you feel like your tiles have lost their spark and your grout looks old and deteriorated, our regrouting service can solve the problem and make your tiles lovable again.

What can I do to prepare for your tile cleaning service?

You can help us by ensuring the surface is free of items or home decors. We will help with any furniture moving that may arise if the surface is blocked or hard to reach.

How many people will come to my house for your tile services?

Every tile project is different and is handled differently. We will inform you about the process once you get in touch and we will let you know how many experts will work on your tile solution.

Book a professional tile cleaning service in Hobart today!