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We can recover the long-lost beauty and shine in your tiled surfaces with our professional and offordable tile services

Leading Tile and Grout Cleaning in Sunshine Coast

Cleaning is not only a chore not pleasant for all but also not as simple as it seems. Especially when it comes to cleaning tiles. Tiled floors are exposed to so many different types of dirt. We walk on them with our shoes, our pets bring soil and grim from walks outside, we spill coffee, oily substances, and food on them.

Even if we clean up after ourselves immediately the likelihood is that dirty particles still remain hidden below the surface. Nifty’s experienced tile grout cleaners in Sunshine Coast can come to the rescue and fix this problem, leaving spotless and sparkling floors behind. The latest cleaning technology and detergents that we use allow us to achieve results that are impossible to see with store-purchased products.

You will witness how your tiles and grout can look brand new after one tile cleaning in Sunshine Coast. Say goodbye to long hours of scrubbing your floor and wondering why the colour is simply not coming back or the dirt is not coming off. All of your troubles will be solved thanks to our tile grout cleaning in Sunshine Coast.

When can I use your tile cleaning services?

If you feel like your tiled surfaces are not in their best shape, get in touch with us! We’ll deep clean all of the tiled parts of your home that you would like to see refreshed and restored. You can call us anytime as we work 24/7 including holidays and weekends.

How can I keep up the clean tiles after your service?

We’ll do the hard work for you but to enjoy maximum freshness and cleanliness for longer we will offer guidance on how you can maintain your tiled floors once our service is complete.


Tile Regrouting in Sunshine Coast

Few homeowners pay attention to the grout between the tiles. It is often neglected and underestimated in terms of how significant it is for the overall appeal and look of your tiled surfaces. In most cases when you see tiles that look extremely dirty and poorly maintained the problem may actually be the grout in-between.

As experienced specialists in regrouting tiles in Sunshine Coast we are here to offer our support and skills to make you fall in love with your tiles all over again by regrouting.

Regrouting is simply removing the old grout and placing a new grout mixture to hold the tiles together. Our committed team of experts can help with regrouting shower tiles in Sunshine Coast, bathroom tile regrouting in your area, and more.

How to prepare for the How should I prepare my home for regrouting?

Leave it all to us and just sit back and relax. We will clean your current grout and tiles to eliminate any dirt, remove the old grout partially or completely, and create the right grout mix for new application.

What part of my home should I regrout?

The most common service is regrouting bathroom tiles in Sunshine Coast. This is because the bathroom area is often exposed to water and dampness. We could also regrout your kitchen countertops, tiled floors, and more.

Tile Sealing Sunshine Coast

If you’ve ever asked yourself whether grout should really be sealed, the short answer is “Yes”. Regardless of whether your grout is new or not, sealing it will guarantee ultimate stain resistance and excellence. The cherry on top is that your tiles and grout will remain amazing-looking and their appeal will be long-lasting.

Nifty offers tile cleaning and sealing in Sunshine Coast and can keep your tiles perfectly stain-free. Our special range of high quality tile and grout sealers provide complete tile protection with no compromise. We employ advanced technology that creates a sealed protective layer that is indistinguishable and breathable. Water and oil will no longer be harmful to your tiles.

You can rely on us for concrete sealing, vinyl sealing, grout coloring, and more. Sealing tiles and grout in Sunshine Coast is something we are experienced in and passionate about and would love to put our skills in use and help you become confident about your home again.

What does the service consist of?

For us, the service starts from the moment your reach out to us. Our friendly teamwill get to know your needs, we will inspect your home, offer the best solution, and choose the perfect tile sealer for your surface.

What are the main advantages of tile sealing?

You won’t have to stress over spilling hot coffee on your tiled floor and ruining it. By having a safety layer or sealer on top your tiles will remain unharmed and will look beautiful for years.


Other tile cleaning services that you can benefit from in Sunshine Coast

Nifty Tile Cleaning specialises in a range of tile-related services that can completely restore your home’s appearance.

Concrete Sealing & Resurfacing

Give your existing concrete a refresh and protect it against future damage by booking our professional concrete sealing & resurfacing services near you.

Epoxy Grouting & Regrouting

Let our professionals improve your home with our superb epoxy grouting & regrouting solutions in Sunshine Coast. Book us online!

Grout Colouring & Recolouring

You don’t have to fully replace your old and stained grout at home. All you have to do is call our specialists for expert grout colouring and recolouring for amazing results.

Water Pressure Cleaning

Nifty’s experts can fully clean your home’s exterior and save it from the pollution by applying a professional water pressure cleaning method in Sunshine Coast.

Vinyl Cleaning & Sealing

Keep your vinyl floors in perfect shape and extend its lifetime by booking a reliable, affordable, and result-proven vinyl cleaning and sealing solution in Sunshine Coast.

Why select Nifty Tile Cleaning in Sunshine Coast

The diverse and profound skillset of our experts is not the only reason why you should decide to use our tile services.

Years of experience

Our reputation has been built on trust and transparency gained over the long years. We are excited about sharing everything we know and can do with new customers!

Latest technology

We invest in learning about the latest trends in tile treatment and adopt all the newest tools in the field to continue improving the services we offer.

Special discounts

Affordability is something that we’re well-known for but to top that our clients can enjoy special discounts on a wide variety of occasions. Keep an eye out for our special offers!

Our superior service is the reason our customers keep coming back

We are excited to see how greatly our loyal customer base in Sunshine Coast has grown. The Nifty Tile Cleaning family loves welcoming new long-term clients and offering a tailored tile treatment service that covers their needs.
Feedback is of crucial importance to us and we will always ask for your opinion when working together. We pamper our clients with 24/7 availability including during holidays and weekends, 100% on-time service, and friendly specialists.


Matilda Beasley

“Nifty Tile Cleaning provides the most affordable services I’ve ever seen. They can offer anything your need related to tiles and are always helpful in providing advice. Would highly recommend.”

Taylah Copley

“I had heard about Nifty from a friend and decided to try them for my shower tiles re-grouting. Everything I read on their website is true and they do offer the best services. My bathroom now looks amazing and they saved me
so much money from buying new tiles and installing them all over again.”


How can I maintain my tiles clean after your professional service?

Once we have fully eradicated any dirt and grime off your tiled surfaces you can easily keep the perfect look and ultimate hygiene by regularly cleaning with a mop and vacuum cleaner.

What kind of chemicals do you use for tile and grout cleaning?

All of the products that we use are safe and friendly to the environment. We are strongly against the use of toxic chemicals.

How experienced are your specialists?

Apart from the long years of experience, our specialists are all certified and well-trained. You can rely on exceptional service and skills.

When and how do you charge for the service?

Standard cleaning at home may solve part of the issue when it comes to unappealing tiles but cannot fully recover the lost beauty. Nifty Tile Cleaning has all the necessary resources to turn your tiles into a piece of art!

Book our tile cleaning services in Sunshine Coast today!