Tile & Grout Cleaning in Perth

Nifty Tile Cleaning restores your tiles and polishes them to a shine.
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Improve your home interior with tile treatment in Perth

Your home could easily look just the way you have always imagined it. Let our expert tile cleaners in Perth turn your vision into reality.

Grout and Tile Cleaning in Perth

One of the worst nightmares when it comes to cleaning your floor is trying to freshen up the grout lines in order to boost the general appearance at home. Although our floors are beneath us and are often neglected, you will be surprised how significant their condition is for the overall look and feel of your interior.

Nifty provides tile and grout cleaning in Perth to eliminate any dirt buried deep into your tiles and grout. It may be difficult for the ordinary eye to spot the problem and solve it but for our professional tile cleaning Perth team this is like a walk in the park.

Our experts offer a tile and grout cleaning service in Perth that not only brings back the lost shine in your tiles but will also ensure the work is done thoroughly, reaching the lower levels of grim and dust that standard products and equipment can’t handle.

Why choose our tile cleaning services in Perth?

Regardless of whether your tiles are man-made or natural, our tile technicians can provide a suitable solution. Getting a professional to do the tile cleaning job for you guarantees the best outcomes and a long-lasting effect. Once the job is done it will be easier for you to maintain clean tiles and a sparkling floor.

How is the service performed?

You can count on our experts being there through every step of the tile cleaning process. Our first mission is to get to know your needs and inspect your floor. On the same day that you reach out to us we will show up at your front door, advise you on the best solution, get our professional equipment and market-leading products ready, and proceed with the task. We’ll take care of any furniture that needs to be moved, clean up after ourselves, and do a post cleaning inspection to ensure that everything is perfect.


Tile Regrouting Perth

Are you in search of a way to rejuvenate your floors by making your grout look new and clean again? Do you want to recover the amazing tile colour that once brought joy and style to your home? As a tile regrouting company in Perth, we can make all of the above happen.

It is natural for grout to get harmed, discoloured, or chopped off, especially in areas like the bathroom or kitchen, where countertops and showers are tiled. Our bathroom tile regrouting in Perth is famous for its superb quality and exceptional results. By choosing to take away the old and stained grout and renewing it with a new one you will be able to enjoy the beauty of restored and beautiful tiles once again.

How can you benefit?

Apart from enjoying a clean and new-looking floor or bathroom, regrouting comes along with a range of health benefits as it removes all mould, mildew, and bacteria that are harmful to your health and can cause respiratory problems.
In addition, the products that we use will eliminate mould without the use of strong chemicals that could also negatively affect your health.

Why choose Nifty’s tile regrouting services in Perth?

When the grout has been harmed your other alternative to regrouting is retiling, which is a lot more costly, time-consuming, and hard to manage. Our professional team specializes in regrouting tiles in Perth and can dramatically boost the appearance of your tiles with an expert, same-day service that you will love!

Tile Sealing Perth

It is tiresome to constantly scrub and stress over the dirty floor tiles, the kitchen counters, and bathroom showers. Dirt always finds a way to reach your grout and tiles despite the constant watch on your behalf. When cleaning your tiles is no longer enough to get that perfect polished look, it’s time to consider something result-proven – tile clean and seal in Perth.

We work with the best tile cleaners and sealers in your area who will keep the stains away and make your floors, showers, and countertops durable thanks to an extra layer of protection.

Sealing shower tiles in Perth has been an area we are confident in for years. Our extensive experience and large number of happy customers is proof of our exceptional service and commitment. If you’re not sure about the right sealing procedure for you there’s no need to worry. Our professionals are always there to guide you!

How is the service performed?

We won’t just clean the top layer of dirt from your tiles and grout and leave you to handle the rest. After a deep clean that will surely eradicate any accumulated filth we will apply our professional sealing process using an advanced sealing formula that guarantees that liquids will not be harmful to your tiles anymore.

Why choose Nifty’s tile cleaning and sealing in Perth?

By sealing your tiles you are protecting your home against mold, hidden bacteria that penetrates your tiles and grout, and equip your tiles with a shield that will help them stay healthy and strong for longer. The best part is that cleaning your floors afterwards will be quicker and easier. Nifty’s quality service is available to you 24/7 on any day, including holidays.


Other tile cleaning services that you can benefit from in Perth

Nifty Tile Cleaning specialises in a range of tile-related services that can completely restore your home’s appearance.

Concrete Sealing & Resurfacing

Keep your home protected and your concrete surfaces strong and stable with our professional concrete sealing & resurfacing service.

Epoxy Grouting & Regrouting

A durable and lasting grouting solution, our professional epoxy grouting & regrouting service is among Perth’s most preferred and trusted.

Grout Colouring & Recolouring

Transform your home completely with a quick and affordable grout colouring or recolouring. Our experts are there for you 24/7 and always come prepared!

Water Pressure Cleaning

Rid your home exterior walls of any accumulated dirt, dust, and grime with our superior water pressure cleaning service in Perth. Our experts always come prepared!

Vinyl Cleaning & Sealing

Vinyl is one of the most recognised and durable flooring options. Nifty’s professionals offer specialised vinyl cleaning & sealing in Perth.

All the reasons to choose Nifty’s floor tile cleaning in Perth

Building a reputable name is impossible without having confidence in your team, abilities, and service. Our brand reputation reflects that we have these three points covered, making us the perfect tile care partner to choose in Perth. Apart from our expert services, other perks include:

Online Bookings

You can easily book a service with us online whenever you have the time from the comfort of your laptop or mobile phone. There’s no need to call or visit our offices.

Non-obligatory Quotes

We will provide free information on prices associated with the services you are interested in and will offer free and non-obligatory quotes that you can later take advantage of.

Expert Approach

Our professionals are something we are very proud of and can guarantee a tailored and expert approach to every new project or enquiry.

Experienced tile cleaning experts in your area

The Nifty team employs only the best specialists in tiles and grout sealing in Perth, tile and grout sealing, cleaning, and regrouting. We possess a rich pool of knowledge and skills that turns us into the perfect resource for your tile needs. Our team is known for its versatility in delivering an outstanding service, fair pricing, and guaranteed results. If you’ve worked with us before you’ve probably noticed that we do love what we do and our passion motivates us to become the best on the market. We make sure that every tile job is done just the way our customers want it. See for yourself by choosing from our available services.


Matilda Parry

“I’m 100% satisfied with the whole process offered by Nifty. They got in touch as soon as I requested more information, they told me when they were coming and weren’t a minute late. I’m happy there’s a company
in Sydney that is so accurate and punctual.”

Zara Campbell

“My husband and I struggled for weeks in finding the best partner to help us with sealing our tiles. A family friend recommended Nifty Tile Cleaning and we’re so happy we chose them! I would certainly advise anyone to use their services, they have knowledgeable experts and affordable prices.”


How much do you charge for your services?

Our tile and grout cleaning, re-grouting, and sealing services are priced according to a number of factors including the size of the treated area, the type of tile, tile treatment technology used, and more.

What types of tiles do your work with?

Our experienced and skillful professionals can perform our services on almost any type of tile. We work with both manmade and natural tiles. For more information on how we can handle your tile treatment, reach out to us today.

When can customers benefit from your services?

We provide full availability, 24/7 during weekdays and weekends, bank holidays included. The best part is that our prices never change, even if you call us during the holidays!

What should I do to book a service?

For your convenience we are available for bookings both online via our website and via telephone on XXX XXX XXXX.

Let Nifty take care of your Perth tiles today!

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