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Nifty Tile Cleaning restores your tiles and polishes them to a shine.
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Make your tiles sparkle with our expert tile services in Melbourne

Take advantage of our terrific services and dive into a new and inspiring experience. Once you see the results it will be difficult to imagine going
back to your old floor.

Leading Tile and Grout Cleaning in Melbourne

We’re able to offer professional tile cleaning in Melbourne thanks to our years of practical experience serving a large number of clients. Our tile cleaners in Melbourne will ensure that the only suitable description for your floor is perfection.

The majority of homeowners choose tile floors as a lasting and reliable flooring option for spaces where the use of water is high. Considering the standard home, these rooms are mainly the bathroom, laundry, or kitchen. Most people assume that by regularly mopping the surface they are able to tackle the dirt and germs hidden underneath. However, this is not exactly true.

All types of tiles including ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone require deep cleaning services to reach particles that the standard cleaning detergent cannot. And this is where our tile & grout cleaning in Melbourne comes in. Our tile and grout cleaners in Melbourne will help you fully recover the cleanliness of your floor and boost the visual aspect of your home.

What does the service include?

Nifty’s tile cleaning in Melbourne will take care of every aspect for you! We won’t just go over your floor with a vacuum cleaner – you could do this yourself with ease.
We will carefully clean the grout between the tiles using eco-friendly and highly professional cleaning agents and technologically advanced tools to leave your floor sparking new!

How will I know if it is time to ask a professional for help?

We can consult you for free and guide you on the right services to choose from. Once you reach out to us we will ask a few questions and could visit the site to inspect and decide what will work best for you.


Tile Regrouting Melbourne

As time goes by, it is natural that your once beautiful and perfectly clean grout will start to fade, flake away, and reveal dirty spots that are ruining the overall appearance of your interior.

Tiling the complete surface is extremely time-demanding and certainly an expensive endeavour. To help you save time and money, Nifty offers tile regrouting in Melbourne that will leave a fresh, new look. But the appeal is not the only thing we’re striving for. Quality regrouting also guarantees that bacteria and viruses are not left behind, making your home healthier.

Our regrouting solutions include regrouting shower tiles in Melbourne, bathroom tile regrouting in Melbourne, and more. It doesn’t matter where the tiled surface is as we can work in any spot in the house that you would like us to. Even if the area is difficult to reach, that’s not a stop in the way of our experts.

What do the experts consider when regrouting?

As one of the top tile regrouting companies in Melbourne, Nifty considers factors such as the type of tile and its characteristics, the floor’s structural integrity, the job specifications and the level of difficulty, the size of the area, and more.

Will the old grout be removed before regrouting?

To achieve perfect results it is preferable for our professionals to remove any old grout and only then apply the new one. However, in some cases this may not be necessary and parts of the old grout may be preserved.

Tile Sealing Melbourne

A mop and bucket may not always be enough to clean your floor tiles and restore the freshness at home. You may be tempted to buy even stronger detergents or cleaning chemical products to solve this problem but you are likely to find out that the results are still nowhere to be seen.

Alternatively, you might be concerned about the appearance of your floor. It looks rusty, stained, and some tiles are partially chopped off, causing an overall look of imperfection and deterioration.

To help solve these problems and leave behind a floor that is absolutely brilliant and durable, Nifty Tile Cleaning offers skillful tile cleaning and sealing in Melbourne. Our full stack of solutions for Melbourne include sealing bathroom tiles, sealing outdoor tiles, sealing shower tiles, and other tile sealing services. Regardless of what your needs are, we’ve got you covered!

How long does the sealing last for?

There are a variety of sealers that we work with and depending on the type of sealer we can provide information on how long you can expect your floors to be in perfect condition.

How does sealing protect my tiles?

After being thoroughly cleaned, sealing your tiles supports them with a protective layer that stops soils and grim from attaching to your grout and tile. Grout is extremely vulnerable and this additional layer helps it last longer.


Other tile cleaning services that you can benefit from in Melbourne

Nifty Tile Cleaning specialises in a range of tile-related services that can completely restore your home’s appearance.

Concrete Sealing & Resurfacing

Keep your home protected and your concrete surfaces strong and stable with our exceptional concrete sealing & resurfacing service.

Epoxy Grouting & Regrouting

A durable and lasting grouting solution, our professional epoxy grouting & regrouting service in Melbourne is among the most trusted and affordable ones.

Grout Colouring & Recolouring

Transform your home completely with a quick and affordable grout colouring or recolouring. Our experts are there for you 24/7 and always come prepared!

Water Pressure Cleaning

Rid your home exterior walls of any collected dirt, dust, and grime with our superior water pressure cleaning service in Melbourne. Book us anytime at the click of a button!

Vinyl Cleaning & Sealing

Vinyl is one of the most recognised and durable flooring options. Nifty’s professionals offer specialised vinyl cleaning & sealing in Melbourne.

Nifty’s offering superb tile services in Melbourne

We are committed to maintaining our leading position as the best tile experts in Melbourne and to do this we have diversified our solutions and only invest in the best people and the best products.

Transparent pricing

We value open communication and have created a transparent pricing model that clearly shows where your money goes.

Non-obligatory Quotes

You can always request a free, non-binding quote by sending us a request. There is no pressure to make a booking.

Proven results

Our happy customers are the best proof of our exceptional work and excellent approach and execution.

The perfect solution right in your location

Let our services come to you! We’ve prepared professional teams in different locations to make our services easily available for everyone. Being in your area means that we can react quickly and not waste any precious time traveling for hours to reach your home.
We will show up at your front door prepared with all the tools and equipment we need, with a smile on our faces, and a motivation to solve your tile problems. All you need to do is reach out to us, book a service, and watch as the magic unfolds. Your tiled surface can be completely recovered in no time!


Molly Ulrich

“I’m fascinated by the professionalism provided by Nifty Tile Cleaners. All of the employees are really certified and knowledgeable about their work. Amazing prices and quick turnaround.”

Jeremy Patterson

“A quality service that everyone should try. I’m happy that I finally found the best company to treat my tiles right.”


Does regrouting include removing the old grout completely?

Depending on the condition of your tiles and grout out experts will advise you on whether the grout needs complete or partial renovation.

How can I prepare for my grout cleaning?

We well take care of every detail but you could help us by ensuring the area is free of items and furniture.

Do you offer grout recoloring?

Yes, grout recoloring is part of our tile solutions and can be booked 24/7.

When and how do you charge for the service?

Our prices are not fixed that’s why we can offer the best rates in the field. Not only we don’t charge per hour but we also have no fees for weekends and holidays. The job done is the only thing you are paying for and we are committed to always deliver the same flawless result.

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