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Tile and grout cleaning in Maroubra South

We have successfully provided Maroubra South residents our professional tile cleaning services for many years. Our workers will make sure that your floor is no less than perfect. We have had numerous customers throughout the years and we know how to treat any tiled floor no matter the condition.

Numerous homeowners prefer tiled floors for areas with above average water exposure. In an average house these areas are the bathroom, the laundry and the kitchen. Most property owners think regular mopping as enough to preserve the flawless state of their tiling. Unfortunately that’s not true at all.

Be it ceramic, porcelain or even natural stone, each material demands to be deeply treated. Our cleaning services are going to get to even the hard to get particles in a way that no homemade mixture can. Our expert teams will not only renew the state of your tiles and grout because immaculate tiles will compliment the whole interior appearance of your house.


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Tile Regrouting Maroubra South

After a few years even the most well-kept tiled surface will definitely experience some kind of dirt which compromises on the overall appearance of the interior.

Thanks to our services you don’t need to retile the complete surface. We will save both your time and your cash needed for such an endeavour. Well done regrouting means not only refreshing of the grout lines but also disinfection of the fungi that are prevalent making your rooms into a healthy area once again.

Our regrouting portfolio for Maroubra South we have regrouting of: shower tiles, bathroom tiling and much more. No matter how impossible to reach your tile surface appears our regrouting professionals will definitely find a method how to effectively treat the surface.

Tile Sealing Maroubra South

Many stains that need а more profound cleansing. There is no need for stronger detergents because with tough stains results will only come from calling a top-notch tile and grout cleaning company.

On top of this, some tiles might be prone to breaking around the seams. In such cases your best choice is to order a service from a tile and regrouting company.

Our teams will fix every deterioration. To satisfy our Maroubra South clients’ needs, Nifty’s Tile and Grout Cleaning offers a full catalogue of solutions. From sealing of bathroom tiles to sealing of outdoor tiled surfaces and sealing of shower tiles – Nifty Tile and Grout Cleaning will reclaim the previous splendour of your floors.


Additional effective tile cleaning services that you can rely on us to help you with in Maroubra South

Concrete Sealing & Resurfacing

Extend the life of your concrete and keep the structure of your home secure, thanks to first class concrete sealing & resurfacing services.

Epoxy Grouting & Regrouting

Our grouting treatments are
known as reliable and top value per price services.

Grout Colouring & Recolouring

Refresh the colours on your tiled floors with our exceptional grout colouring and recolouring solutions. Nifty’s teams are ready year-round lacking any other rates.

Water Pressure Cleaning

Expulse the filth on your external surface of your property using our superior water pressure service.

Vinyl Cleaning & Sealing

Vinyl is known to be one of the most effective flooring options. Nifty’s professionals offer reliable vinyl cleaning & sealing in Maroubra South.

More areas we cover:

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Once we provide you with a final quote we guarantee that it will be the final price you pay! Even during holidays, weekends or after our work schedule we will never ask you to pay more!

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