Quality Grout Colouring and Recolouring in Sydney

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Quality Grout Colouring and Recolouring in Sydney

Interior designers unanimously express how overlooked a simple grout recoloring service can be. With just some changes in the seams you can obtain a new look of the whole interior or bring back the old condition of the grout lines. However, many property owners are still hesitating to use such a service. In the past such activity required removing the old grout before applying a new one. Today this is history and re-colouring is more easy than ever without the risks linked to the old procedures. Grout colouring may be an affordable service but it requires attention and skills to properly execute it. Here is how our Sydney teams get it done:

Step 1: The Examination

Investigate the types of grouting and if any sealing has been previously applied. Failing to do this might compromise on the quality of the re-colouring.

Step 2: The Preparation

We make sure that no previous contamination will get in the way of the re-colouring process. We carefully clean your tiles and grouting to assure the re-colouring will stay fresh long in the future.

Step 3: The Magic

We start the re-colouring process. To ensure permanent results we also seal the grout to prevent future discoloration. All that is left to you is a fresh floor to enjoy.

Our Grout Colouring and Recolouring Services Explained

Our grout recolouring services not only restore the previous tone of the grout lines but also seal them. This activity will prevent dirt and spills to soak into the grout and also the formation of bacteria. The sealing won’t peel off with time.
This coverage will allow you to have easier cleaning of the tiles rather than the tiresome scrubbing with little to no durable results. We can also offer you a different colour if you wish to change the look of the tiling or refresh the original grout colour from its original days.


Why Choose Grout Colouring and Recolouring with Nifty

Numerous customers in Sydney have already chosen Nifty. However, you don’t want to follow blindly other people’s examples. Probably you will spend a considerable amount of time cleaning the grout between your tiles. You may have some relative success with countertop solutions only to realize that after some time grout gets dirty again and you have to repeat all the efforts once again … and then again … With Nifty you will get:

  • Deep cleaning of dirt and grime that regular cleaning fails to deliver
  • Restoring the original colour or changing it with a new one
  • Sealing to protect from stains to soak in may never again need to re-seal

We can confidently say that our service is the best in Sydney. Our clients would never choose us time after time if it wasn’t for our employees. Diligent and hardworking they have passed all the available courses. What makes our service better than the rest is that Nifty’s attitude towards the client’s property is the same attitude we have towards our own. We never compromise on quality, that’s why we work with the best re-colouring products. Some of them are yet to be available in Sydney.


Why does grout get stained so easily?

It is not your fault. Grout is porous like concrete and is highly susceptible to moisture and dirt. Proper sealing can prevent all the stains that you constantly have to scrub off.

How do you charge for this service?

We don’t endorse the practice to charge per hour which leads to prolonged treatment. We value ours and your time. Without rushing, we perform carefully each service and you pay only for the final result.

Can you guarantee customers satisfaction?

Yes indeed. Our Sydney team will not leave until you are satisfied with the result.

Do you have flexible working hours?

Yes, we try our best to fit each of our Sydney clients specific schedule. On top of this we don’t charge any extras for services performed on weekends or bank holidays.


Henry Hallen

“Nifty is a true gamechanger! Thank you for the wonderful service I can’t even grasp the idea that my floors could look so pristine. I definitely recommend this company!”

Rachel Orchard

“When I moved to Australia with my husband we literary had to buy the first hose that we saw offered. While continually renewing and transforming our home we were desperate to fix the faded colors of the groutlines. Nifty’s service was the missing piece of the puzzle. Thank you guys! ”

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