About Us

Nifty Tile Cleaning – the one-stop-shop to restore and polish your tiled floors.

Our story

Our passion for tiles and our desire to make people happy with their home interior and exterior led us to develop something unique and valuable. Nifty Tile Cleaning is popular for offering the best tile cleaning services in Sydney but not only.
Our biggest strive was to create a place where customers can get a full package of tile services that cover every need. To do this, we equipped ourselves with the most knowledgeable and well-trained tile experts who our clients can rely on and trust.
We value every customer and appreciate that time is among the biggest assets in today’s busy world. At Nifty you can benefit from a transparent pricing model and affordable prices suitable for every pocket.

What we do

Our services cover a range of aspects and solve a number of different problems that you may experience when it comes to keeping your floor shiny and clean. The three major services that are available to our customers are:

You can reach us anytime! Some of our locations include Perth, Adelaide, Tasmania, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Geelong, Ballarat, and more.

Exceptional Services

Offering good tile services was never enough for us. We strive to be the best. Over the years we’ve gathered experience and knowledge that allows us to offer premium, unbeatable tile services thanks to constant training and development, the use of the latest products and technology, and commitment to every project we undertake.

Certified Tile Experts

You don’t have to worry and question whether the tile professional that takes on your tile treatment will have enough experience. All of our employees are leading in the field and go through continuous education to ensure they remain the top tile professionals in Sydney. We are also well-known for our leading customer service.

24/7 Availability

One of the best perks that you can take advantage of is our full-time availability. Nothing can come in the way of a job that needs to be done. Our services are available all day, every day with no exceptions. You can reach us on weekends, holidays and hours that other companies can’t be reached at.

Proven results

The best way to judge our performance is to hear what our customers have to say. We have satisfied customers in locations like Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast, Ballarat, and more. Nifty Tile Cleaning has grown into a recognizable name thanks to our hard word, efficient methods, and professional tile services.


Our Happy Customers

Adam Byrne

“You can trust Nifty Tile Cleaning with anything you need regarding tiles and grout! Honestly an amazing team, efficient work and low costs. I’ve worked with many companies in the field but can’t compare any of them to the results I received with Nifty! Great job guys!”

Jordan Helbig

“I’m so glad Nifty Tile Cleaning offers services in Sydney! They completely solved my problem with my tiles at home and saved me so much money and time! If it wasn’t for them I’d probably redone my whole tile installation as I thought there was no other option. A great thank you to this brilliant team! I highly recommend them!”

Get in touch

    Contact information

    To book an appointment please give us a call. You can also contact us via email or contact form with the details of your request and we will quickly provide you with a FREE estimate.

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