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How our tile regrouting service can help you

Even if your tiles seem perfect on the outside, the grout or the material that is used to fill the space between the tiles can get dirty, corrode, and cause serious trouble. This is a common problem, especially in bathrooms, so regrouting bathroom tile is a popular service used by many. Here is how Nifty’s tile regrouting services in Sydney can come to the rescue! Regrouting tiles is the only option you have at making your bathroom look new and well-maintained if the grout has gone through significant damage. It is also a sure way to prevent water from entering the cracks and reaching the wooden framing or the floor foundations, which requires a heavy repair investment and a lot of extra trouble. To avoid this, our tile regrouting service follows a specific procedure:

Step 1: Close observation

Before we start, we will examine the affected area and analyse the condition of your tiles and grout to pinpoint the right solution and choose the best equipment and supplies that will guarantee quality results.

Step 2: Grout removing

When necessary, we eliminate the old grout completely and precisely to avoid chipping and harming any tiles while working by using special tools for the purpose. Alternatively, we can partially regrout your tiles.

Step 3: Tile clean-up

We make sure we get rid of the mess we’ve created by using a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt and any loose particles from the removal process. This step is essential in achieving the best regrouting results.

Regrouting services explained in detail

Nifty is one of the leading tile regrouting companies in Sydney thanks to the qualified regrouting experts that we work with and our carefully designed process. We offer services like regrouting floor tiles, regrouting shower tiles, regrouting bathroom floor tile, and more! Depending on the condition of your tiles and grout, we may only partially treat the grout by using professional chemical products and equipment to eliminate any dirt or imperfections. This can help with discoloured grout to recover the original look. However, other projects require a sophisticated regrouting that tackles the underlying issue instead of only covering up the visible problem. Our experience and use of modern regrouting methods allow us to completely regrout without damaging or chipping off parts of the tiles. We always clean up afterwards to leave a spotless new floor behind!


Why choose regrouting with Nifty

Let’s face it – although it may be tempting to try regrouting floor tiles by yourself, the truth is that it is difficult and timely. Unless regrouting is your area of expertise, it won’t be a pleasant process. Thankfully, our professionals have experience in regrouting tiles in Sydney and other locations such as Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and more.

  • The tile regrouting cost is more affordable in comparison to retiling completely
  • Regrouting is environmentally friendly due to the lower levels of carbon emission
  • Regrouting your tiles will improve their colour and overall appearance
  • Our regrouting specialists are available 24/7 with no excuses

Our regrouting service ensures complete tile and grout restoration. We also offer grout colouring, epoxy grouting and regrouting, tile and grout re-caulking, tile resurfacing, and more! Get in touch, book our services, and our experts will be at your doorstep!


How do I know if I need the regrouting service?

If you feel that your tiles are beginning to look unsightly but a tile cleaning service is not enough to improve them, regrouting is your way to go. It is the best option for restoring the visual appeal of your tiles without retiling and investing more money.

Can my tiles be regrouted on the same day as I book the service?

Yes, we do offer services on the same day when you reach out to us. We are among the few tile & grout cleaning companies that take no days off and are available anytime you need tile services.

Should I get the tile sealing process after regrouting?

Our experienced specialists will be able to guide you on whether your floor needs sealing after regrouting depending on the condition of your tiles. They will also share with you all the relevant information to help you make the right choice and recover your floor.

How do you charge for the service?

Our pricing is not only customer-driven but also transparent so that each client can see the way his money is spent. In addition to this our services come with no extra fees for weekends and holidays but with occasional discounts making our rates amongst the most competitive in the field.


Kai Groom

“When I got in touch with Nifty I thought my bathroom tiles needed complete remaking! They look completely used and different from when we first renovated our bathroom. A big thank you to the team for transforming the space by simply regrouting. They were very kind, helpful, and professional.”

Koby Carington

“Well-organized, prompt, delicate, and experienced. The specialists consulted us on the options we had and together we made a decision that re-grouting was the best choice for us. When leaving, they cleaned up and were very positive during the whole process.”

Recover the beauty in floor tiles

You don’t have to invest money in installing new tiles to make your home look stunning again. Our certified team of tile professionals can recover the lost beauty with a few quality and affordable services!

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Our professional tile cleaning and grout cleaning service will remove even the tiniest dirt particles accumulated on the grout and surface of your tiles. The results will be spotless.

Epoxy Grouting & Regrouting

Offer your tiles an extra layer of protection to keep them safe from spills, stains, mould, or furniture scratching via our epoxy grouting and regrouting services.

Grout Colouring & Recolouring

Give your tiles a complete makeover by booking our grout colouring and recolouring service. No need for heavy investments and new tiles!

Let Nifty take care of your tiles today!

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