Tile & Grout Cleaning in Brisbane

Nifty Tile Cleaning restores your tiles and polishes them to a shine.
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Turn your tiles into a sign of perfection with Nifty Tile Cleaning in Brisbane

Get perfect tile maintenance like no other with our exceptional and superb tile treatment that covers all your requirements in Brisbane.

Tile and Grout Cleaning in Brisbane That You Can’t Miss

The busy lifestyle of today’s world demands so much from us that it’s difficult to imagine spending our free time mopping the floors at home every day. And thankfully, you can keep perfect home hygiene and avoid turning cleaning into a regular activity with our professional tile cleaning in Brisbane.

We all want a home that looks beautiful and feels clean. Especially today, maintaining a spotless and bacteria-free living environment is essential for our health and wellbeing. Trust our specialized tile cleaners in Brisbane to remove all dirt, dust, germs, and stains on your tiles and grout.

With our service offering you can benefit from tile roof cleaning in Brisbane, outdoor tile cleaning, steam cleaning tiles, bathroom tile and grout cleaning, and more.

When types of cleaning do you offer?

You can rely on our professional tile cleaners in Brisbane for mold removal, tub steam cleaning, pool cleaning, marble tile and grout cleaning, vinyl cleaning, and more.

How is your cleaning service priced?

Our transparent pricing model reveals exactly how you spend your money with us. Every tile cleaning task is different and we will calculate the price based on the requirements, area space, and more factors


Tile Regrouting in Brisbane

Most tiles are naturally resistant to acid and alkali but that doesn’t apply for the grout which can be found between them. Grout can also easily be harmed by using the steam cleaner too often or at the incorrect regime. Most people fail to acknowledge that tile grout often requires special treatment, different from that of the rest of the tiles.

At some point you may notice that the tile grout condition is so poor that it is inevitable to call a specialist to re-tile and install fresh new tiles with good-looking grout.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do this. Nifty’s service for regrouting tiles in Brisbane can save you the money and the long wait. We will restore the appeal of your tiled floors and surfaces by only fixing the grout instead of tearing apart everything. We handle regrouting shower tiles in Brisbane, bathroom tile regrouting, and more. All you have to do is get in touch and share with us when you would like to receive the service.

Is regrouting an expensive service?

If you’ve worked with us before you’ll know that our services are a good fit for any wallet or bank account. We will provide a quality service without digging a hole in your pocket.

What happens after regrouting?

Once you recover the stunning look of your tiles you have a few options for future maintenance that we’re happy to discuss with you.

Tile Sealing Brisbane

Did you know that you can do more than regular cleaning for your tiles to keep them looking great and shield them from endangering factors like spills, furniture scratching, and dirt?

Nifty’s tile cleaning and sealing Brisbane offers a complete solution to all of the above and makes your tiles a lot more durable and resistant. For instance, sealing shower tiles in Brisbane can increase their lifespan up to 10 years! Sealing bathroom tiles in Brisbane is also advantageous and popular among customers. The choice is up to you. We’re here to support every need and provide our quality services for you anytime!

If you’re not sure about which part of the house to start with we are there for you to guide you and offer our professional advice. One thing is sure – you can be certain that you will start enjoying the look of your floors once again!

Should I seal my tiles after tile cleaning?

Sealing your tiles and grout after having them extensively cleaned is certainly an advantage and offers a range of benefits such as durability, cost-efficiency, and more.

What can I expect from Nifty’s tile grout sealing in Brisbane?

Our tile and grout sealing service will provide you with a protective coating for your tile that will keep them unsoiled and hygienic over time.


Other tile cleaning services that you can benefit from in Brisbane

Nifty Tile Cleaning specialises in a range of tile-related services that can completely restore your home’s appearance.

Concrete Sealing & Resurfacing

Extend the lifetime of your concrete surfaces at home and protect them against cracks by booking our professional concrete sealing & resurfacing services.

Epoxy Grouting & Regrouting

Ensure that you receive a flawless epoxy grouting or regrouting service in Brisbane by relying on some of the best experts for the job. Your booking is just a click away.

Grout Colouring & Recolouring

If your bathroom or shower grout is in devastating condition, you don’t necessarily have to replace it. We can save the day with our excellent grout colouring & recolouring service.

Water Pressure Cleaning

Water pressure cleaning can handle the most resistant and persistent dirt or dust particles that stick to your home exterior. We work with advanced technology and proven methods.

Vinyl Cleaning & Sealing

Vinyl is one of the most popular and durable flooring options thanks to its many advantages. Nifty’s professionals offer specialised vinyl cleaning & sealing in Brisbane.

Why Nifty Tile Cleaning in Brisbane is the right choice

If you’re in search of a partner who can bring to the table not only knowledge and experience but other additional extras that are hard to ignore then you’ve certainly came to the right place.

Same day service

We’re proudly a company offering a same day service and believe that getting the job done professionally and quickly is of great importance for our clients.

Weekday and weekend availability

There are no excuses when it comes to our working hours. We are at your service 24/7 and yes, we do work on weekends and holidays.

No quality compromise

Our tile team is equipped with the finest cleaning tools and products, guaranteeing that you receive the best there is on the market!

Our superior service is the reason our customers keep coming back

Nifty only hires exceptional experts who are passionate and committed to their job. We strive for perfection in every aspect and we achieve it by a range of proven methods like constant training and development, practical experience, creative solutions, and more. We have been on the market for years and our positive reputation is a result of hard work and dedication. The home is the most sacred and important place for most of us and we appreciate the opportunity to make it an even better environment for our clients.


Anthony Goodman

“The best thing about Nifty is that they offer so much more than simply tile cleaning or tile regrouting. They have it all – the perfect team, the right attitude, the punctual manner, and the love for the job!”

Ella Boland

““I loved the service I received with Nifty Tile Cleaning. They were very open and kind, finished their work on time, and spent extra time providing valuable information at the end. Thanks a lot!””


Do you offer mould solutions?

Our tile and grout cleaning service will take care of any mould on your tiled surfaces and will eliminate it for good.

What do your services include?

We specialise in providing quality tile and grout cleaning, regrouting, tile and grout sealing, grout colouring, and more!

Will you charge extra for providing services during bank holidays?

No, our prices remain the same even if we work on bank holidays.

How do you handle tile dirt and oil spills?

The professional products that we use allow us to fully remove any dirt accumulation or oil stains on your tiled surface. We also provide tile sealing to provide tile protection in the future.

Let Nifty take care of your tiles in Brisbane today!

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