Quality Epoxy Grouting and Regrouting in Sydney

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What are Epoxy Grouting and Regrouting Services

Epoxy grouting is the best choice no matter if it is your home or industrial facility in the Sydney area. Normal grouting quickly gets stained and breaks due to time and moisture. This process is even quicker in bathrooms at home where tile grouts also accommodate harmful bacteria. But how can you fight the ugly grout lines and keep your home environment safe? Meet epoxy grouting – the number one choice of Sydney residents as well as hospitals, cafes, pubs, restaurants and many more across the Sydney area. Epoxy grouting will not chip off due to moisture, nor will it get damaged because of heavy industry use.

Step 1: The Preparation

We send our Sydney team to your address where they clean and prepare the tile area that needs grouting. Our technicians will discuss with clients the results that they wish to obtain from the service.

Step 2: The Application

While applying the grouting we use only the best supplies available in the industry. We make no compromise with the quality nor do we rush the service.

Step 3: Professional Cleaning

We know that grout haze is merely impossible to clean so we carefully remove excessive grouting from the tiles. We strive to offer solutions instead of further complications.

Our Epoxy Grouting and Regrouting Service Explained

Even if a company uses the best products in the industry for its services, without a skilled team, the results of the work will always be mediocre. We are extremely proud to say that our employees in Sydney are diligent and treat your property the way they treat their own homes. We have a long and unbroken string of satisfied clients. We perform the service in a way that our clients don’t have to constantly reschedule a new reapplying of epoxy grout. Epoxy grout is the best choice and Nifty Tile Cleaning is truly the best company to get that epoxy grouting done.


Why Choose Epoxy Grouting Services from Nifty?

Nifty is the preferred company in Sydney not only for epoxy grouting but for many other services as well. The benefits of using epoxy grouting in the tile seams are enormous. For example, homeowners will no longer unsuccessfully try to scrub normal grouting to its previous condition. But that’s not all. In Sydney, many industrial facilities, restaurants and businesses opt for epoxy solutions for their tile areas. They do it because of the following benefits:

  • No more stained grout lines that ruin the interior design of your home or business
  • Epoxy is a durable material capable of withstanding various operations and usages
  • Retain vinyl’s slip prevention qualities and perfect appearance
  • Epoxy stays fresh so no need to scrub laboriously with little to no effect

Our Sydney team will bring you all of these benefits along with a flawless service. We are customer-orientated and believe that a job well done will earn us future recommendations and even more clients. We will never leave a property until the owner is fully satisfied with the results. And you pay for what you get – no hidden fees for bank holidays or weekends.


How did Nifty become so popular in Sydney?

We never overcharge clients for bank holidays or weekends, nor do we charge per hour which inflates the price and slows down the job.

Is Epoxy a durable solution?

Yes and no. Epoxy by itself is one of the best materials used in tiling. However, if not applied properly, it will stain the tiles and cause more problems. So we advise you to choose a trusted company for this service.

Is a same day service available for Sydney clients?

Yes, we offer same day services and we operate with flexible working hours in order to meet our clients’ busy schedules.

What products do you use?

We apply only the best products in the industry far from the cheap countertop solutions that some companies in Sydney use.


Rachel Blacklock

“Nifty probably saved me countless hours of scrubbing tile grouts. Epoxy is really the solution to stains and moisture.
Big thanks to the crew for the quick and effective job they did. ”

Julian Power

“I am very conscious when it comes to maintaining the home and can safely say that no other company did such a job in so little time. Not to mention the results which were also perfect ”

Proper Epoxy Grouting and Regrouting in Sydney
is One Step Away

Ask for our non-binding quotes and get your grouting professionally done. We will not leave unless you are satisfied with the end result.

Tile Regrouting

Our regrouting service will completely restore the condition of your tiles and will bring back the lost colour.

Grout Colouring & Recolouring

Give your tiled floors and surfaces an upgrade without even investing in new tiles. Our grout colouring and recolouring can help!

Water Pressure Cleaning

Our advanced water pressure cleaning methods and technology guarantee flawless results and lasting effects.

Let Nifty take care of your tiles today!

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