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Concrete Sealing Services in a Nutshell

There is undoubtedly a tendency in Sydney to opt for concrete sealing be it for a simple floor, patio or driveway. Apart from the aesthetic benefits, this process of resealing the concrete surface offers other advantages as well. After all, structures such as buildings and houses are supported by the concrete slabs that usually don’t receive much attention and care. Concrete sealing protects the surface from cracks and damages. Additionally, such treatment will keep the colour and assure easier cleaning of the concrete. The sealing is a barrier to dirt and will ensure that even oil spills get little to no chance of staining your concrete driveway. Here is how Nifty gets all this done:

Step 1: The Negotiation

We give you a non-binding quote with the most competitive rates in the field. We make an appointment and will flex our working hours to fit into your schedule. Did we mention there are no hidden fees for weekends and bank holidays?

Step 2: The Examination

On the address we will evaluate the time needed to finish the process. Most projects of such type take a few sessions to get done. However you pay only for the end result not per hour nor per visit.

Step 3: The Treatment

We thoroughly clean the surface before applying the sealing. Our seals will protect it from stains and cracks. We can also add a colouring effect if you wish to make it more stylish. You can enjoy the envy of your neighbors.

Our Concrete Sealing Services Explained

We would never be confident enough to say that we are the leading company in Sydney if it wasn’t for our technicians. They put in the same effort whether it is a huge project where the state of the concrete is of great importance for safety or a small patio located near the boundaries of Sydney. Our services prevent the concrete from cracking but also from the consequences linked to damages in the slabs. The sealing will assure that stains get easily wiped out and a nice coloured finish will turn your property into a masterpiece. But before doing our magic we will first clean the slabs to make sure no dirt will interfere with the following process.


Why Choose Concrete Sealing and Re-surfacing with Nifty

People usually choose Nifty for a variety of reasons. One of them is the fact that our workers have gone through all available courses related to concrete sealing. We also use only tested products and wont make any compromise on the quality of the job done. On top of this we will not charge you extra for weekends or bank holidays. Here is a small list of the benefits you will get with booking concrete sealing services from Nifty:

  • withstand years of exposure to even the harshest weather conditions
  • value per money offer unmatched by many concrete resurfacing companies
  • better appeal of the concrete surface along with the protection from cracks

Concrete is a material that acts like a sponge absorbing the water. Even without a freezing winter this porous surface suffers cracks and dents due to the moisture. So don’t waste more time. Call Nifty and we will give you a non-binding quote for our concrete sealing and resealing services. Our Sydney team is even available for same-day reservation. With flexible working hours we will meet the busiest schedule of our clients.


Do you cover the whole Sydney area?

Yes, our Sydney teams will reach every address in the Sydney area.

Can I ask for quotes without booking a service?

Yes, while with us you will receive the best rates in the field and our quotes are non-binding.

What guarantee do you offer to clients?

First and foremost, оur technicians are highly-motivated and have obtained all necessary certifications. We have a policy not to leave the property unless the customer agrees with the end result and is fully satisfied.

Is a same-day service possible?

Sure, many of our Sydney clients opt for a same-day service. Additionally we have flexible work hours to meet the particularities of even the busiest schedule.


Lara Rodd

“I have tried many companies but they only treated my floors lightly. This resulted in booking more services than needed in order to keep my vinyl in proper condition. Luckily a friend suggested that I try with Nifty. After this I never bothered to call another company.”

Nathan Marx

“I was about to sell my house. Although in perfect condition, the floor was neglected by the previous tenants. My first potential clients were hesitating to buy and wanted a huge discount on the price because of the floor condition. Luckily, I had another potential buyer in a few days. During this period I called Nifty and the work they did was impressive. I managed to sell my property for way more than the sum offered by the first buyer. ”

Proper Concrete Sealing & Concrete Resurfacing is One Step Away

Get a non-binding quote and don’t divert time in your schedule. We have flexible working hours and offer flawless results.

Vinyl Cleaning & Sealing

Nifty’s expert vinyl cleaning and sealing service can keep your floors protected, stainless, and unharmed for longer. Book us today!

Tile Sealing

Once we’ve cleaned your tiles and grout, the best way to maximize the life of your tiled surface is with our tile sealing solution.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Enjoy spotless and cleaned to a shine floors with our affordable and reliable tile and grout cleaning service. We will clean even the tiniest dirt particles.

Let Nifty take care of your tiles today!

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